July 2007

Press Release on the Mercutech Alliance

A new specialist alliance integrates electronic and mechanical development.

Electromechanical and electronic products, mainly for the industrial market, are now being developed by Mercutech incorporating embedded processing, electromechanical parts and data communication via cable or wireless.

Pretoria, South Africa, 27 April 2005. A group of electronic and mechanical specialists have decided to form an alliance under Mercutech by which they can apply their expertise and mutual cooperation to efficiently develop specialised products incorporating embedded processing, electromechanical parts and data communication via cable or wireless.

It is primarily people who make good product development - people who are skilled, experienced and have a passion for what they are doing. A small group of such people have just formed an alliance under Mercutech, based in Pretoria. They are not only specialists in their field but their knowledge base and experience also overlaps and with their flexibility their cooperation runs smoothly and efficiently.

A good product is primarily developed by people and then linked to a company name.
Recent years have seen increasing personnel turnover and dwindling job security but also a new brand of small but successful businesses, formed by those who have done great work for big and not so big companies.
Such people will continue with the same quality of work while their previous employer retains its name but with different people. Often that name and it's products slowly change their image without the original employees. Because it's the people who make the product, not the company's name.
The Mercutech alliance is linked to its people because they have not been employed but formed an alliance on the grounds of good mutual understanding and cooperation.

The electronics specialist has close to 3 decades of experience in electronic design and development after some training as electrician and later obtaining his BSc (Eng) in Pretoria which he followed up later with an Hons.(Eng) in control system design. He served a number of companies with new product designs some of which are patented.

The electronics and RF specialist has a wide spectrum of expertise: from heavy current and electrical system protection to analog and microelectronics.
He also developed a patented RF tag protocol in an R&D team.

The mechanical specialist has mostly been involved in innovative R&D by designing and developing electromechanical devices. His approach is marked by flexibility and dedication supported by a wide field of knowledge in his field as well as business management and a wide range of subcontractor contacts.

With these specialists working together like a well oiled machine, products like smart electromechanical test jigs, industrial monitoring systems or other specialised intelligent products can be developed to a high standard in an efficient way.