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Mercutech Electronic Engineering

Electronic Product Development
Mercutech is a center for custom designed electronic product development and aims to deliver turn-key solutions.
A concept is taken to a product specification stage using the knowledge of available technology which determines how the requirements can be achieved and at what cost.

Electronic circuit design
is done in detail doing research and development where needed, using a wide background of experience in design and EMC with an innovative approach respecting proven design guidelines.

The electronic circuits are captured as CAD schematics which lead to a PCB design using Protel99.
While the PCB is being manufactured and if a processor is used which is usual
the firmware is written for any of Microchip's PIC series. Years of experience make this task an economical process while producing reliable functionality.

The PCB is then populated and made to work to culminate in a first prototype.
Further iterations are sometimes done to get it production ready
which includes bill of materials, diagrams, sketches, firmware, assembly and testing instructions.

Product quality
It is in the circuit design and component selection stage where our wide background of design experience makes the difference.

Our expertise covers embedded microprocessors, digital and analog electronics, RS232/485, CAN, USB, modular RF design, GPS, GSM and more being added.

Electronic designs and controllers have been created for a variety of industries like Mining, Security, Industrial control, Agriculture, Military, Entertainment industry, Power utilities, Domestic power monitoring, appliances etc.

Contact JoJen supplies for mining related products,
like earth fault protection devices
and the copper theft monitor system

Affiliates & Recommendations:

RF developments, outdoor security IR beams: MJR - Martin: 082-3902448

Latest update: April 2015


To develop high-tech products exploiting a lifetime of experience. Thereby contributing to our technological and information age.


Key Benefits of Engineering Outsourcing

  • Reduce or eliminate fixed expense on R&D 
  • Expand your resources as and when needed, without personnell turnover
  • Add expertise to your development team
  • Supplement your own resources to relieve pressure on critical path tasks
  • Free your internal resources for tasks at hand
  • Reduce time-to-market

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