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Some useful Links:


 Data sheet archive  Digi-Key Corporation  KH Distributors South Africa
 Communica  Find suppliers through Electrocomp  IC master by Hearst

 Varitronix International
for Displays: LCD, Microdisplay, and Keypads

 American Electronic Resource
 RS Components South Africa  Jameco Electronics: New & Out-of-Production electronic Products  Datasheets360
 Arrow Altech   EEM - Electronic Engineer's Master Online  Allegro Micro Systems



PIC compilers


CCS, Inc. - Highly optimized PICmicro C compilers



Mercutech products in the market


Earth Fault Protection - Jojen's Earth Fault Protection  devices

Copper Theft Monitor - Jojen's cable monitoring system


Electronics and related stuff


RED Free Circuit Designs - Electronic Circuits Schematics, Audio, and Amps

Tomi Engdahl's info page - Electronics info for the engineer and hobbyist.

Switching-Mode Power Supply Design - tips and tutorials

Electric stuff - fascinating and vintage electrical/electronic hardware

Knowledge Hound - "How-to" guides for just about anything

How stuff works - Over 50 articles on how various things work

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