Mercutech Electronic Product Development
applying excellent electronic engineering


Some technical stuff

undertaken by Mercutech


Comm.s software for protocol testing
(all Windows versions - right-click on "Save as")
a host communicating with a device on RS232,
flexible configuration possibilities (file size ~ 2MB)

Comms interface screen

sample code for PIC18F8490
to drive 4 x 7-segment LCD's
NT-M5009B from Nelytech


4 x 7-segment LCD's

 Current tranformer designer
(XCEL file)



Inductor and wire calculations
(XCEL file)


Surface temperature of an electronic box
(XCEL file)

simple box

 Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistor (XCEL file)

NTC compensation circuit


To develop high-tech products exploiting a lifetime of experience. Thereby contributing to our technological and information age.


Key Benefits of Engineering Outsourcing

  • Reduce or eliminate fixed expense on R&D 
  • Expand your resources as and when needed, without personnell turnover
  • Add expertise to your development team
  • Supplement your own resources to relieve pressure on critical path tasks
  • Free your internal resources for tasks at hand
  • Reduce time-to-market

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circuit design,
PCB layout,
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PCB assembly
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